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Nvidia Shield launch delayed, will ship in July instead

Looks like Nvidia’s Project Shield missed its deadline once again as the Tgra 4 based handheld Android gaming console slips for a July launch instead.

Nvidia Project Shield delay July (1)

Yup, Nvidia has done it again. Initially announced back in January 2013, the product was originally destined to ship in March. That date slipped to April and then to 27th of June. 27th cometh and launch date slip-eth? (sorry, that was awfully bad) Project Shield launch has been delayed once again and will now arrive on an undisclosed date in July.

Project Shield is Nvidia’s first Android powered gaming console using their brand new Tegra 4 SoC. We had no doubts in our minds that Nvidia designed this product to show-off the 72-core GeForce ULP GPU on the Tegra 4 chipset, as well as show of the raw performance of their chip. While we eagerly wait to see real world Tegra 4 performance scores, we sympathize with Nvidia for all the problems they have been facing with the ARM Cortex A15 based SoC. It looks like everything that the company got right with tier 2012 Tegra 3 SoC went wrong with Tegra 4. Hopefully, we won’t be seeing a repeat performance with the Tegra 5 SoC (or Tegra 4i) as we most certainly won’t be waiting to deliver an encore.

Nvidia Project Shield delay July

The issue, as Nvidia declared, “relates to a third-party mechanical component” and that the company is working around the clock with the supplier to get it up to our expectations.” We sure hope so that you’re doing that. We want Nvidia to get Shield right as well. After the recent $50 knock off the retail price (bringing it down to $299), our excitement for the T4 powered console increased, even if it has been by just a little bit.

We’ll let you know when we have an exact shipping date in July. We think it will be worth the wait.

Source: Nvidia blog

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