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NVIDIA releases the Quadro M2000 mid-range professional graphics card

Quadro M2000

NVIDIA has released a new “affordable” professional graphics card, the Quadro M2000.

The Quadro M2000 is based on NVIDIA’s 28nm GM206 “Maxwell” architecture, with similar core specifications as the consumer GeForce GTX 950. It includes a total of 768 CUDA cores, 48 texture mapping units, 16 raster operation units, and 4GB of memory on a 128-bit GDDR5 interface.

The mid-range card features a core clock speed of 1188 MHz with the memory clocked at 6.60 GHz (106 GB/s memory bandwidth). Thanks to the four DisplayPort 1.2 connectors, the card is capable of driving up to four 4K monitors simultaneously. It also supports 5K and 8K resolution displays along with the Quadro-exclusive nView MultiDisplay feature.

While NVIDIA hasn’t officially confirmed pricing yet, the Quadro M2000 is expected to be priced at around the $550 mark in the United States.

Via: TechPowerUp

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