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Nvidia Partners Unveiled GeForce 9800 GX2 Cards

Most of the Nvidia’s AIC partners like Albatron, EVGA, Leadtek, MSI, Gainward,
Palit, XFX, POV, Inno3D, ZOTAC have unveiled their 9800GX2 solutions. All of
them are Nvidia reference cards as Nvidia doesn’t allow the partners to produce
the cards on their own. Therefore, partners have to turn to other form of
marketing ideas to distinguish themselves from each other. For example, MSI
clocks their card at 660/1200MHz instead of 600/1000MHz default while others
like work on their game bundles. POV has a Frontlines: Fuel of War game bundle,
ZOTAC comes bundled with Ubisoft’s Lost: Via Domus, ASUS comes with Company of
Heroes: Opposing Fronts and ELSA with Crysis.

Albatron has "Enthusiastically" announced the dual GPU 9800GX2. Two heads are
better than one as SLI pundits have proven, but with the 9800GX2, you don’t have
to fumble with manipulating two cards into your case. The 9800GX2 has two GPUs
tucked into a sleek black case with a single PCI-e 2.0 slot connector. In
addition, this card features the latest 65 nm technology assuring the highest
processing efficiency, lowest power consumption and the most optimal 3D gaming
performance and HD Video playback.

First NVIDIA® 9800 GPU on the market!

The 9800 GPUs on this card are the first to hit the market for this series. Each
GPU contains 128 stream processors and boasts a 600 MHz Core Clock. The Shader
Clock is rated at 1500 MHz with a Texture Fill Rate of 76.8 (billion/sec). This
card comes with a whopping 1 GB (512 MB per GPU) of GDDR3 memory with a Memory
Clock of 1000 MHz using a 512-bit (256-bit per GPU) Memory Interface. The memory
bandwidth is 128 GB/sec.

The latest suite of NVIDIA features – No worries!

Have no worries about the latest NVIDIA features. This card is brimming with the
most recent suite of NVIDIA technologies including PureVideo® HD, Unified
Architecture, HybridPowerTM, full Microsoft DirectXTM 10 and Shader Model 4.0
support, and more!

Top-to-Bottom HD Video Ready – HDMI connector, Dual-link DVI w/ HDCP

Is this card HD ready or what? The 9800GX2 has an HDMI connector which can pass
pure uncompressed high-definition video and audio to your HD monitor. But, if
HDMI doesn’t fit into your plans, this card also provides Dual-link DVI
connectors with HDCP compatibility. Dual 400 MHz RAMDACs can also support dual
QXGA displays with refresh rates up to 2048×1536 @ 85 Hz! Simply said, this card
provides the smoothest game-play at the most extreme HD resolutions, up to
2560×1600 – not to mention the highest quality Blu-ray playback with PureVideo
HD, the premier HD video playback technology in the market.

Quad GPU in SLI mode – Ultra-Enthusiastic are you!

The 9800GX2 sports an SLI connector which means that you can be an
Ultra-Enthusiast, installing two and getting quad GPU power and performance!
NVIDIA’s Quad SLI® Technology implements a 4-way Alternate Frame Rendering
methodology to efficiently optimize quad GPU 3D graphics performance and

Albatron 9800GX2 – Two heads are better than one

The 9800GX2 is the best Dual GPU solution without the hassle of buying and
installing two SLI cards. With the latest 65 nm technology and HD Video
features, this card is sure to jump to the top of the "Enthusiast" class.


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