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NVIDIA optimizes Battlefield Hardline with latest WHQL driver update


After announcing the GeForce GTX Titan X GPU yesterday, NVIDIA has today announced that it is releasing the latest “Game Ready” GeForce driver version 347.88. The latest driver version brings optimizations for optimum performance with the Battlefield Hardline game that also came out yesterday.

The new driver supports various GeForce cards from the 400 series all the way to the latest 900 series, with newly added support for the new GeForce GTX Titan X GPU. It supports GeForce SLI technology and one-click game setting optimizations within GeForce Experience. NVIDIA has updated a few 3D Vision profiles with the game and now doesn’t recommend that you play ‘Battlefield Hardline’, ‘Project Cars’ and ‘Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell’ in 3D Vision mode. Also included are a number of new SLI profiles for games such as ‘Life is Strange’, ‘Trine 3’, ‘Medieval Engineers’, ‘Zombie Army Trilogy’, and ‘NASCAR 14’,

The latest driver can be downloaded right now from the source link below.

Source: NVIDIA

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