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Nvidia may be preparing new GeForce 800M GPUs

GPUs will likely be based on the Maxwell GM204 architecture, and fabricated at the 20nm process.


According to a driver listing spotted by Videocardz, Nvidia is in the process of expanding its lineup of notebook videocards with an 800M-series of GPUs based on the upcoming GM204 silicon.

As you can see below, the find came via a driver listing. In the listing there are 13 products with the N16 designator. It’s believed that the N16 signifies the product is a GM204 variant.


There’s also the possibility that Nvidia will launch an MX variant of the 800-series of the GPU that’s slightly downclocked and has a number of Streaming Multiprocessors Maxwell (SMMs) turned off.

The 800M series is said to possibly be built on the 20 nm process node. This push to 20 nm will delay the lineup to 2015, when it was supposed to be launched later this year. Informed sources also say that the delay of Broadwell has a lot to do with this delay as well.

Via: Videocardz


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