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NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 580M GPU

One month after the introduction of the GeForce GTX 560M, NVIDIA now launches the new king, GTX 580M. It even showcases some of the benchmarks done in GTX 580M SLI. More details inside.

A new king in the NVIDIA mobile graphics arena has been announced. Benchmarks such as StarCraft II, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Far Cry 2 have shown great differences (up to 30FPS) between the GTX 580M and GTX 560M.

When compared to the previous generation, the GeForce GTX 580M easily beats the GTX 480M in all the benchmarks. 


Even after the enabling of 3D Vision, the GeForce GTX 580M is still able to produce more than 30FPS in all the benchmarks at 1920 x 1080 resolution.


If a single GTX 580M isn't good enough for you, check out the performance of GTX 580M in SLI. FPS are increased by an average of 85% with the enabling of SLI.



GeForce GTX 580M

GeForce GTX 570M

GeForce GTX 560M

GeForce GT 555M

CUDA Cores 384 336 192 Up to 144
Processor Clock 1240MHz 1150MHz 1550MHz Up to 1506MHz
Memory Clock 1500MHz 1500MHz 1250MHz Up to 1569MHz
Memory Interface Width 256-bit 192-bit Up to 192-bit Up to 192-bit
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Expect manufacturers to pack the GeForce GTX 580M GPU into their gaming laptops. Manufacturers such as Alienware has already equipped their M18x and M17x laptops with GTX 580M and offering SLI option while manufacturer Clevo has included 3D Vision as well.

For more details on the benchmarks, please visit the NVIDIA website.

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