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NVIDIA Kepler to arrive in March or April – Hard Launch Only

While CES 2012 showed a clear focus on Tegra 3, with all the automotive, tablet and several smartphone launches, the company did not discuss Kepler. But, it was for a reason.

According to our sources, what NVIDIA does not want to do is a paper launch of the product, thus the launch of their first high-end Kepler part will only occur once there are enough units for the first wave of consumers.

The company originally scheduled GeForce Kepler for the launch in the first quarter (i.e. fiscal fourth quarter 2012), Quadro Kepler was scheduled for the second quarter (i.e. fiscal first quarter 2013) and Tesla Kepler was scheduled for the third quarter (second fiscal quarter 2013).

However, the new plan calls for launching the GeForce Kepler when the company is able to insure hard availability and have all of its partners covered.

Will it be in the dying weeks or March or steal Ivy Bridge’s thunder with the launch around April 8… only time will tell.

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