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NVIDIA HDMI 3D: now coming to an Acer monitor near you

Playing games on the PC is definitely one of the more enjoyable ways to pass the time, thanks to the wide variety of PC-only titles and the introduction of extremely powerful hardware specially dsigned for such purposes. That being said, if something is worth doing, then it is definitely worth overdoing as well, and gaming is no exception. And what better way to enhance one's gaming experience than to top of the package with a 3D capable monitor from Acer for that added degree of realism?

Gaming is probably one of the few digital entertainment options which most of use find ourselves unable to give up on, and for good reason. After all, nothing can come close to replacing the thrill and exhilaration of blasting the brains off a virtual enemy's head with a double barreled shotgun at point blank range, especially after a hard day at work or in school.

That being said, taking a trip down to virtual reality town would definitely be a lot more satisfying if one could actually feel as though he or she was being placed directly into the thick of action, as opposed to merely watching animated heads bob around a computer screen. Fortunately, users who crave such realism no longer have to take the trouble of investing in a large (and expensive) 3D television set, because Acer has just released its new 3D-capable GN245HQ monitor which the company claims is particularly well suited for all forms of media consumption, gaming included.

Acer claims that the LED-backlit, full HD GN245HQ will sport a 23.6-inch form factor along with various features such as an extremely high but meaningless contrast ratio of  1,000,000 : 1(definitely not static) and a fast response time of 2ms. However, the real draw of the GN245HQ still lies in its 3D capabilities, and needless to say Acer has clearly pulled out all the stops in this aspect. According to the Taiwanese OEM, the GN245HQ is the world's first monitor to feature built-in support for NVIDIA's stereoscopic technology over HDMI, along with the more conventional method of transmitting 3D content over dual-link DVI.

And since the GN245HQ has the ability to receive and display stereoscopic 3D content via HDMI-in, it should come as little surprise that the monitor is theoretically capable of supporting a variety of video input device such as digital TV set-top boxes, Blu-ray disc players and even video game consoles. However, chances are these features will be all but useless to the average Joe at this point of time, especially if one takes into account that most countries still lack a 3D broadcasting infrastructure for content producers to take advantage of, essentially rendering the GN245HQ useless in just about everything except gaming.

That being said, if the idea of spending good money on a 23.6-inch monitor that can only be used for gaming purposes sounds like the very thing you have in mind, we'd suggest that you start fattening up that piggy bank of yours by feeding it with all that hongbao money acquired over the Lunar New Year. With its relatively fat pricetag of US$677, trust us when we say that your wallet will need all the food it can get.

Source: Hot Hardware

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