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Nvidia GTX 950 now official, brings Maxwell to the entry-level segment

Nvidia GTX 950

After several rumors and leaks, the GTX 950 is now official. The card will be the entry-level offering in the GeForce 900 series, bringing the Maxwell architecture to the entry-level segment. One of the highlights of the card is full support for DirectX 12 API.

The GTX 950 features a cut-down GM206 GPU, the GM206-250-A1. On offer are six SMM units, 768 CUDA cores, 48 TMUs and 32 raster operation units. The reference card comes with a core clock of 1,024MHz and a boost clock of 1,188MHz, but given the headroom available for overclocking in the entire Maxwell series, it is possible we’ll see AIB cards with up to 1,350MHz base clocks.

The card features 2GB GDDR5 VRAM on a 128-bit memory bus clocked at 6.6GHz, resulting in a total bandwidth of 105.6GB/s. With a quoted TDP of just 90W, the GTX 950 requires 30W less power than the GTX 960, which also uses the same silicon. Given the low power requirement, the card comes with a single six-pin connector. Display connectors include three  DisplayPort, one HDMi 2.o and a DVI connector.

Nvidia is pricing the GTX 950 at $159, which makes the card a direct competitor to AMD’s Trinidad-based R9 370X, which retails for $179. The card will be targeted at gamers looking to play recent AAA titles in full-HD and medium settings, those looking to upgrade from the now-aging GTX 650, and at the MOBA segment.

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Source: Nvidia

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