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While NVIDIA's upcoming GK104 / GeForce GTX 670 Ti may be the talk of the rumour mill, we have some details regarding NVIDIA's entry-level Kepler GPU – GK107, including a PCB diagram.

First sampled in September 2011, the GK107 will appear in a variety of N13 GeForce M GPUs, N14 Quadro M GPUs. In addition, GK107 will also make it to the desktops as D14 or GeForce 600. There will be two variants of GK107, GK107-200 GPU in D14M2-20 and the top bin GK107-300 in D14P1-10 SKU. The GK107-300 variant will be powered by GDDR3 or GDDR5 memory, while the GK107-200 will sport 512MB of DDR3 RAM.

At first glance, the GK107 PCB and heatsink is very similar to the ones used for the GeForce GT 440 (GF108 based, which the GPU GK107 will replace) with identical dimensions. Like the GF108, the GK107 will feature a 128-bit memory interface. The heatsink + fan system will also be similar – a shroud-less heatsink with an 11 blade axial fan, albeit with minor modifications for GK107. Legacy VGA output will be dropped for 1 DVI-I DL output, 1 DVI-D or HDMI out, and a third port with either mini-DP or mini-HDMI.

The two variants of GK107 are likely to be branded GeForce GT 6×0, and may well be two of NVIDIA's final entry-level GPUs with AMD's A-Series and Intel's HD IGPs starting to cannibalize the entry-level market.

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