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NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X rumored to retail for $1,349 with 12GB VRAM


NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce GTX Titan X GPU is reportedly going to be priced at a hefty $1,349. This was revealed Chinese website Expreview. It should be noted that the first images of the GM-200 based graphics card were first revealed in a leak recently on China’s Baidu forum.

The GM200 is believed to be the successor to Kepler GK110 GPU that formed the base of the GTX Titan and GTX 780 (Ti) GPUs in the past. It is believed that the GM200 will also form the base for NVIDIA’s upcoming high-end Quadro M6000 GPU. The GTX Titan X is reportedly manufactured on a 28nm process and will include 3,072 CUDA cores (24 SMM) based on NVIDIA’s new Maxwell GPU architecture. The GM-200 based graphics card will also come with 384-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface with support for up to 12GB of VRAM and 96 ROPs. As per the recent GPU-Z leak, the card has a pixel fillrate of 94.8 GPixel/s and texture fillrate of 252.9 GTexel/s. The card is rumored to feature tweakable idle fan-off mode as well, although this hasn’t yet been confirmed so far. This feature will allow the GPU to turn off the cooling fan completely when it is idling or is handling very low loads.

The new GeForce GTX Titan X will no doubt be a powerful beast and should be able to handle gaming at 4K or even higher resolutions with ease. While we do not have any benchmark results to go by yet, the GTX Titan X should offer significant improvements in performance over the GTX Titan Black GPU

The GTX Titan X is expected to arrive in 6GB and 12GB VRAM versions, with both variants being available for purchase soon after the announcement of the new GPU. According to previous reports and single-GPU GTX Titan releases in the past, the NVIDIA GTX Titan X can be expected to be unveiled next month.

Source: Expreview



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