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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti could feature GM200-310 GPU & 6GB memory


As we reported a few weeks back, NVIDIA is working on a new Maxwell graphics card, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Some new info on the card has arrived today via the website Videocardz.

The website claims to have heard from a reliable source that the GTX 980 Ti card will come with half the memory capacity of the GeForce GTX Titan X at 6GB. However, both the cards are said to share the very same board model and could share the same reference cooler as well.

Unlike the GeForce GTX Titan X, the GTX 980 Ti is believed to come with a variety of cooler options such as reference, custom air-cooled, watercooled and hybrids. The report sheds light on the card’s display output options as well. The card will allegedly offer a total of five display outputs: 3 DisplayPorts, 1 HDMI, and 1 DVI-I, exactly similar to the GTX Titan X.

The rest of the specs of the card are still unknown, although Videocardz did confirm that the GTX 980 Ti will use the GM200-310 GPU, perhaps a less powerful variant of the GM200-400 GPU used on the GTX Titan X.

Source: VideoCardz

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