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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti benchmark leak?

We've gotten some rough performance numbers of the upcoming GeForce GTX 550 Ti in Futuremark's 3DMark 11 and Lost Planet 2. Is it as fast as it is rumored to be?

According to leaked NVIDIA slides, the reference GeForce GTX 550 Ti will be clocked at 900MHz and 1025MHz for the core and memory respectively.

A kind reader has dropped us some scores which do look in line with all the current GTX 550 Ti specifications bits pieced together.

3DMark 11

GeForce GTS 450 GeForce GTX 550 Ti Radeon HD 5770
P2100 P2400 P2600



Lost Planet 2

GeForce GTS 450 GeForce GTX 550 Ti Radeon HD 5770
~22 ~27 ~22


It appears that the new card isn't as fast as expected, with a performance gain of about 25% over AMD's offering in just certain games. Things look pretty ugly in 3DMark 11 though.


Overclockability-wise, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti will continue the legacy of the GeForce GTS 450 by offering excellent headroom. Clock speeds in excess of 1050MHz are said to be attainable and that will send the 3DMark 11 score past P3000 on a well-overclocked 'Sandy Bridge' system.

If the performance figures are true, then perhaps the GF116 should be branded as a GTS, and not a GTX?



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