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NVIDIA debuts mobile GTX 10 series GPUs

NVIDIA GTX 10 mobile

NVIDIA today launched long awaited mobile GeForce GTX 10 series lineup, based on the new Pascal architecture. The initial mobile GTX 10 series lineup comprises of the GTX 1080 Mobile, GTX 1070 Mobile, and the GTX 1060 Mobile.

Unlike the previous generation, NVIDIA hasn’t cut down on the number of CUDA cores with the mobile offerings. The GTX 1080 Mobile, based on the GP104 silicon, comes with the full 2560 CUDA cores found on the desktop card. It also gets 8GB of 256-bit GDDR5X memory, clocked at 10 Gbps.

The GTX 1070 Mobile on the other hand actually comes with higher number of CUDA cores than its desktop counterpart. While the desktop GTX 1070 comes with 1920 CUDA cores, the GTX 1070 Mobile packs 2048 CUDA cores. It is obviously clocked lower though, with a 1443 MHz core and 1645 MHz boost clock. As for memory, the GTX 1070 Mobile gets the same 8GB of GDDR5 memory as the desktop GTX 1070 card.

The GTX 1060 Mobile features 1280 CUDA cores and 6GB of GDDR5 memory on a 192-bit interface. It comes with a 1405 MHz core and a boost clock of 1569 MHz.

You can expect to see notebooks powered by the new GTX 10 series GPUs to crop up soon. Some of the manufacturers that are ready with GTX 10 series equipped notebooks include MSI, Asus, Eurocom, Razer, Acer, HP, Gigabyte, Clevo, and Hasee.

Via: Videocardz

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