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NVIDIA Announces GeForce Experience

NVIDIA is looking to transform PC gaming by making the PC experience as hassle-free as possible.

Many pundits have announced the end of PC gaming over the years. With the rise of console popularity among gamers, many would claim that certainly PC gaming is dying. NVIDIA, makers of the popular GeForce video cards, is looking to bring back gamers wooed away by the ease of access to console games.

The problem as NVIDIA sees it, according Jen-Hsun Huang, the company’s president and CEO, is that PC games require a greater knowledge about the capabilities of the system than required by consoles. Many games require users to dig into the configurations and tweak various graphical and post-processing settings in order to make the game run at peak performance while maintaining excellent graphical quality. However, according to NVIDIA’s statistics, 80% of gamers do not adjust their quality settings. With hundreds of thousands of system configurations, it can be daunting for an individual gamer to know for certain what their system is capable of. To add to the confusion, more than 200 games have been released since the start of 2012, and each of those games has an individual list of system requirements and recommendations. This leads to literally billions of combinations of game requirements and hardware configurations.

With such complexity, it’s no wonder that gamers have been flocking to consoles, points out Huang. As long as the game is made for your console, it’s as simple as putting the disk in the system and turning it on. NVIDIA is looking to bring the PC gaming market as close to this as possible.

Huang announced a new initiative, called the “GeForce Experience,” a cloud-computing solution to the problem. NVIDIA plans on storing every possible system configuration in a database alongside system requirements and recommendations. A simple application will allow the user to connect to NVIDIA’s database and check their system against any game in their library. The servers would then tell the application what the optimal settings for the game in question are for the system it’s on; the application would then make the necessary changes to the configuration files automatically.

To enthusiasts, this may not seem like a big deal, but with the increasing popularity of netbooks, ultrabooks, and efficient, low-power computers, NVIDIA’s idea could be the deciding factor behind a new gamer choosing to play on the PC instead of the console.

The beta will be available for download on June 6th. We will continue to report on this new development over the coming months.

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