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Nufront shows off new high-performance, ARM Cortex A9-based SoC

Nufront has been touting an overclocked, ARM Coretx A9-based SoC that runs at the blazing speed of 2GHz for quite some time already, but it is only now that the company has started to show off the aforementioned SoC's capabilities when used to power a tablet. So what does Nufront's overpowered SoC has to offer for tablet devices, besides its unheard-of speeds? Read on to find out more.

A long time ago, way back in September last year, a company known as Nufront showed off what was essentially a superpowered version of a System-on-a-chip (SoC) based off the ARM Cortex A9 microarchitecture. Known back then as the NuSmart 2815, the SoC boasted various unique features such as its use of a dual-core processor and an unheard-of speed of 2GHz, all at a puny power consumption of 2w.

Fast forward to the present, and it appears that Nufront has been hard at work in further refining the NuSmart 2815 it showed off back then, and its results come in the form of what appears to be the direct successor of the NuSmart 2815 – the NuSmart 2816 SoC. Which, once again, has been based off the ARM Cortex A9 microarchitecture.

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While very little detail was known about the NuSmart 2815 when it first saw the light of day, Nufront has apparently released significantly more information about its NuSmart 2816 SoC and its various capabilities. Like its predecessor, the NuSmart 2816 is capable of breaking the maximum clock speed limit of 1.5GHz specified by ARM due to Nufront having signed a licence agreement with ARM which gives the company the right to make its own modifications to the processor. As such, the NuSmart 2816 is capable of attaining clock speeds ranging from 1.6GHz to 2.0GHz, thus making it the fastest A9-based SoC to exist.

In addition to its high clock speeds, the NuSmart 2816 also comes with various other features built into it. These features include an integrated multi-core 2D/3D graphics processor, 64bit DDR2/3-1066 memory controller, hardware acceleration for full HD videos as well as integrated controllers for SATA2, USB2, Ethernet and other standard I/O ports

On top of that, Nufront has reportedly tested the NuSmart 2816 SoC by using it to power a tablet of its own making which features an 8-inch display and runs off Android 3.0. According to reports, the tablet was easily outperforming even NVIDIA's Tegra 2 SoC, which is recognized as one of the fastest SoCs available today.

No information about the NuSmart 2816's power consumption has been revealed, although it is very possible that the chip is not expected to be significantly power-hungrier than the NuSmart 2815, which had a rating of a mere 2w, due to both the 2816 and 2815 having many features in common. More importantly, Nufront has been keeping quiet about when its first batch of NuSmart 2816 chips will be ready for sampling (if at all), so suffice to say there is a distinct possibility that the NuSmart 2816 may never see the light of day outside of China. But if it means anything, it would seem that the NuSmart 2816 will be built off a 40nm process.

Source: M.I.C Digi

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