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nsquared helps create Kinect powered hotel kiosk

Nsquared is a budding company which develops various applications based on Microsoft’s Kinect. One rather interesting, but also practical, implementation of Kinect is as a hotel kiosk.

Who’d have thought of Kinect powered hotel kiosks? Well, Australia-based nsquared came up with an interesting product where frequent travelers can access all their required information (schedules, sightseeing, etc.) with the wave of their hands (quite literally), rather than using a large touch screen kiosk. Hand gestures can really make life easier and at the same time attract travelers’ attention  (after all a first impression goes a long way). How does this benefit the hotel? Well, the solution that nsquared provides promises to cut down costs by as much as 50% (half) as the displays will no longer have to be touchscreen capable, but just regular LCD displays.

Nsquared is also working on other interesting Kinect-based products, such as Sky Spelling (an educational game for kids, allowing them to fly on a dragon, butterfly, biplane etc. and learn spellings). The company also has another product titled “media viewer” which allows you to explore interactive content, no matter what the environment is.

For more information on nsquared and their Kinect-based products, hit the source links posted below:

Source: MSDN via nsquared blog

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