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Now this is literally FarmVille for Dummies

Granted, one can find a 'For Dummies' book for just about every single subject under the sun, but this has got to take the cake. After all, would one even need a book for tips and instructions on how to play a Facebook game that is essentially nothing more than clicking blindly on a Flash animation? Well, apparently someone seems to think so. Does anybody want to purchase a Farmvile for Dummies book?

Facebook. Everybody has them, right? And in the same vein, it would stand that just about anybody who owns a Facebook account would have played at least one of the many games hosted on the online social networking service for a period of time. And with FarmVille being listed as the most popular online social game on Facebook, it goes without saying that it is probably the single game that most Facebook users will be familiar with.

That being said, a social networking game is usually designed to be one that is both easy to pick up and master to ensure that players can derive maximum satisfaction in the shortest possible time without having to jump through the hoops, so to speak. Still, it appears that even the easiest to pick up game would pose quite a fair challenge for certain people. The result? The introduction of a FarmVille for Dummies book, which surprisingly enough, has been co-authored by popular gaming writer Kyle Orland, who has wriiten for well known gaming websites such as Joystiq and Gamasutra.

Of course, at this point you must probably be scratching your head, wondering just why an established gaming writer such as Kyle Orland would want to lower himself to that level of writing a comprehensive guide for a game that consist of little more than clicking on buttons. Well, apparently Orland believes that FarmVille is actually much more than just that.

"Some of the sections of the game—especially the farmer's market and some aspects of animal tending—require multiple, time-lapsed steps to complete successfully, and the game only gives one screen of text-heavy explanation for how to go about them," he said in an interview with Ars Technica, claiming that the book provides players with useful information not immediately apparent to the casual gamer. "For instance, we outline a few somewhat-seedy methods for leveling up quickly by doing a few repetitive tasks over and over, lay out what items are unlocked at what levels, and suggest the most time- and cost-effective crops for different points in the game."

This leaves users with the all-important question to answer: is it worth coughing out good money for a comprehensive strategy guide for a casual, free-to-play farming game? Most might not even consider making such a purchase, but serious FarmVille players might probably beg to differ. In any case, the good news is that 'FarmVille for Dummies'  comes , with a fairly affordable pricetag of US$19.99. And if that is even too expensive for you…well, there is always the library.

Oh, and one more thing. Apparently, Orland has confirmed in his interview with Ars that he has completely sworn off FarmVille as soon the drafts for the book were completed and sent for editing. Make what out of that you will.

Source: Ars Technica

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