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Nooka commissions Back to the Future taxi

In an attempt to promote fashion brand Nooka's "technoprogressive" product line, the company has commissioned the creation of a Back to the Future themed taxi.

Nooka is a fashion brand which, in order to promote it's "technoprogressive" line of products has drawn inspiration from the past; specifically form 1985's hit movie Back to the Future. Art director Mike Lubrano has looked to the DeLorean time machine featured in the movie to create a time-machine themed taxi which is now crushing through new York.

This is what happens when Doc Brown runs out of funding


The taxi is concept only, but is likely to draw more attention than an actual taxi of the future,  the Nissan NV200 minivan, which was introduced recently with such features as USB ports for all pass angers and germ-fighting seats. The NV200, despite being a minivan, which critics find boring, has other features too, including a transparent roof, odor fighting interior, no floor hump, and a smaller carbon footprint.

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