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Nokia’s Windows tablet to have a battery-equipped keyboard cover

While the idea of Nokia coming out with a competitor to Microsoft's Surface tablet might still be more rumor than fact we have some more rumors floating around the web about some features that we can expect if Nokia does indeed launch a tablet.

There have been ongoing rumors ever since Nokia launched their Lumia Windows Phone line that they would also be bringing a Windows powered tablet to market, and those rumors have been picking up in frequency as we head in to the New Year.

The tablet is supposedly set to debut running Windows RT and come with HDMI and USB ports as well as a 10.1-inch display that's very similar to the Microsoft Surface RT screen. Unlike the Surface, Nokia's tablet will come with cellular connectivity with AT&T rumored to be first to market with it.

What does have everyone's interest though is the rumor that the tablet will be available with a special cover that envelops the tablet like a book, and once it has been clicked into place the cover provides a keyboard and a stand; but the goodies don't stop there as the cover will also have a battery built in to it. This additional battery can be used to power the tablet when it runs low on power from the main battery. 

It is believed that Nokia will unveil the tablet at the Mobile World Congress in February.

via The Verge

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