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Nokia’s leaked Android UI for Normandy is a mix of Windows Phone and Asha

@evleaks revelas the user interface of Nokia’s long-awaited Android device.


Nokia’s Android device has been benchmarked and shown off in leaked images.

Today, @evleaks revealed images of the UI that Nokia has been designing for the device codenamed Normandy. It has been rumored that Nokia was using a forked version of Android and tweaking it for the device. The UI features bright colors, and the design elements seem to be taken from the Asha series, and doesn’t look like any other manufacturer version of Android.

Leaked benchmarks that were revealed yesterday indicate that the Normandy device might feature a model number A110, and that it is targeted at the entry-level market. It makes sense that Nokia is considering an Android device at the entry-level segment, as it has achieved considerable success with the Lumia 520 in this segment last year. The Lumia 520 was the best-selling Windows Phone device, and accounted for over 30 percent of all Windows Phone handset sales.

It is not yet clear if Nokia actually intends to launch this Android device. Earlier rumors indicated that Normandy was cancelled, but @evleaks refuted those claims, suggested that they were greatly exaggerated. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices section looming ever closer, it remains to be seen if we will see this Android handset launched under the Nokia name, or under a new brand name.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)

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