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Nokia’s latest publicity stunt knocks down Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Hard!

Nokia might not look like a real threat for Samsung when it comes to minor things like, oh I don’t know, actual smartphone sales, but as far as advertising goes, the Finns look in much better, and perhaps more creative, shape than the Koreans of late.

Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Nokia Lumia 1020

Just look at Sammy’s crappy Galaxy S4 Icelandic ad and the weirdo IFA teaser posted on YouTube earlier today. Now try to remember the brilliantly executed Lumia 1020 video commercial comparing the “Zoom reinventor” with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Apple’s iPhone 5.

And you ain’t seen nothing yet. Actually, you have if you’ve glanced at the above image, but let me put it into context for you.

First, Samsung put up a billboard somewhere in the UK to promote the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The thing was pretty straightforward and basically claimed the Zoom was “The only smartphone with 10x optical zoom”. Which is true, but besides the point.

Cold water meme

Because someone at Nokia subsequently decided to crowd this particular street corner a little and parked a truck right next to Sammy’s billboard, with a hilarious message on it and a big, snazzy photo of the yellow Lumia 1020. The Finnish ad (counter-ad?) basically works as an extension of S4 Zoom’s advertising text, saying “Still, it didn’t see this coming… The Nokia Lumia 1020, exceptional zoom without the exceptional bulk.”

Don’t want to be accused of taking sides in this marketing war or anything, but Samsung, I think you’ll need to apply cold water to burned area. More so as Nokia’s claims are not just clever and funny, but also very true.

Honestly, Sammy, the S4 Zoom looks like an abomination. Yeah, its camera is awesome and everything, but at the expense of the thing’s portability and looks, most photography buffs out there will probably pass. Anyone else think Nokia is on a roll when it comes to poking fun at the competition? Should Samsung launch a counterattack or ignore the Lumia makers?

Source: UK Mobile Review

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