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Nokia’s 41 Million Pixel Smartphone a Revolution in Mobile Photography?

High end movie cameras always record in higher resolution than stated, but starting today, similar technology is becoming available in the smartphone market: Meet the Nokia 808 PureView.

Today, Nokia unleashed a product which no one expected. With all the talk of quad-core phones, Android 4.0, Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" and upcoming 8.0 "Tango" it is easy to forget that while the performance of the phones is different, almost every phone comes with 5MP, 8MP or 12MP camera.

Not anymore. 808 PureView certainly isn't going to make European car-maker Peugeot very happy (the company trademarked all three number with zero in the middle i.e. why Porsche 901 was renamed 911, extended to even some consumer products such as PC displays) – but this is a landmark smartphone.

Based on Symbian "Belle" operating system, the 808 PureView brings a record 41 million pixel CMOS sensor with Carl Zeis glass optics and the new proprietary pixel oversampling technology.

We might argue it's not pixel oversampling, but hardware accelerated downsampling – the concept is effectively the same. The camera works in two ways. First and foremost, with the standard resolutions (2, 3, 5 and 8 MPixels), you can zoom in up to 3x without any loss of clarity. Second mode is to capture an almost full, 38 million pixel (7152×5368) image. Nokia released image gallery with the phone, and you can see it by clicking on following links:

Nokia 808 PureView 38 Million Pixel Image Gallery

However, don't expect to see a 4K video being shot on this mobile phone. This phone captures Full HD i.e. 1080p video at 30 frames per second with 4X lossless zoom. This is also the first mobile phone to support "Nokia Rich Recording" i.e. combining the integrated microphone with DSP processor and allegedly "enabling CD-like levels of quality".

The headphones are not the downfall of this device either – multi-channel Dolby Headphone technology is here (hence the necessity for a headphone dock – it carries a separate DSP processor). If you're wondering how much does this 41MP goodness runs for, the answer is simple – $500 (without operator subsidies).

Is that too high or too low? Express your opinions below.

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