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Nokia teases new smartphone in British TV ad

Nokia has released a teaser ad on British airways that teases what is likely to be a new Lumia phone. Look for it to be announced at their event next week in London.

Nokia isn’t wasting any time by releasing a teaser for their next Lumia device. Coming right off the heels of announcing the Lumia 928 for Verizon, Nokia has taken to British television where they aired a commercial that showed brief glimpses of what appears to be the next device in their lineup.
It only shows the back of the device and the only things we’re able to make out is the flash for the camera as well as the camera itself. The exterior looks to be metal. If the look of the device is ringing any bells, The Verge points out that the device does seem to share a resemblance with the rumored ‘Catwalk’ device, seen in the image below.
Nokia is holding another event in London next week so it’s likely that whatever this handset is, it will be officially unveiled then. The ‘Catwalk’ device is rumored to be named the Lumia 925 and is likely to share similar specs as Lumia 920.  There is a chance it could be something else, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out.
Via: The Verge

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