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Nokia all set to re-enter smartphone market next year


Just as expected, Nokia is planning to re-enter the smartphone market with a new line of smartphones and other mobile devices by the end of next year.

According to information received by Re/code, Nokia plans to come out with a range of new smartphones by 2016, with virtual reality devices and a few other ‘ambitious technology’ devices expected to follow suit.

The smartphones as well as other mobile devices that will be launched next year will be developed by Nokia Technologies. We have so far seen the company introduce the Nokia N1 tablet, manufactured by Foxconn. It also launched the Zlauncher program for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Former Nokia executive Richard Kerris told Re/code that Nokia has a number of impressive products in development. He also mentioned that some of the products currently under development have the potential to ‘blow people away’. Although no specific details about the 2016 portfolio are available currently, Nokia Technologies is said to be working hard on the products that will help the Finnish company make a return to the smartphone market.

Since Nokia doesn’t own any manufacturing facilities for smartphones anymore, the company is said to continue with licensing design to a third party manufacturer and have them distribute the products in various markets. This same approach has been used by companies such as Kodak and Polaroid in the recent past.

Source: Re/code

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