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Nokia said to launch 6+ inch phablet mid 2014 [Rumor]

Nokia has to move quickly and efficiently if it wants to catch up to competitors and regain lost grounds, but its current line of Lumia handsets just aren’t cutting it in a world dominated by Android and iOS.  Phablets, however, are growing in popularity, so could a 6+ inch Nokia Lumia phablet be coming over the horizon?  Some seem to think so.

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Nokia and Microsoft may not be making much of a dent on the current smartphone market, but maybe that’ll change if they target trending segments such as phablets. If some recent rumors hold true, Nokia may be able to regain some prestige once it launches a phablet with a 6 to 7-inch display.

A report from mynokiablog is claiming that Nokia will out not only a phablet but also tablets. As per the claim, Nokia is developing and will launch a 10.5-inch tablet that’s 8.5mm thick, an 8.5-inch tablet, and both of which will be available in red, black, pink, blue, green, yellow and white. No time frame was given in the report regarding the release dates of these new Nokia slates.

Moving onto the 6 to 7-inch phablet, apparently Nokia will be releasing the handset some time mid 2014. The source of the rumor also reported that these new gadgets from Nokia aren’t fairy tales… and that we’ll “hear more soon from Nokia.”

Will launching tablets and phablets help Nokia steer clear of its current predicament, and will you consider buying them? Let us know below!

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