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Nokia publishes countdown page for N9 smartphone

Have the initial reports of Nokia's upcoming N9 smartphone reignited your interest in obtaining a MeeGo-powered smartphone from the Finnish telecommunications company? If your answer to that question is a "yes", this might just be a good time to start saving, for Nokia has just published a countdown page of sorts for what is allegedly the N9's upcoming launch date. More details, after the break.

Nokia's smartphones and its Symbian operating system have have been steadily losing its favor by most consumers today, but it seems that the recent reports that have been published by various online media about its upcoming Meego-powered N9 smartphone might have just given the Finnish telecommunication company the much needed boost it needs in consumer interest.

And apparently, Nokia is also fully aware of the fact that it might just have a potential candidate on its hands to seize back some of the market share which it has lost to the likes of competitiors such as Apple and Google, for the company has seen it fit to tease consumers with the publication of a new site which has a counter that has started ticking down to what is supposedly the N9's launch date that is slated to take place some 48 days later.

Doing some simple mathematics has left us with the conclusion that the Nokia N9 Meego-powered smartphone might just see the light of day on Swedish soil come September 23 this year. Unfortunately, the countdown page does not provide any information about global availability or pricing, so if you simply have to get yourself on of those new N9s on the very day they are launched, now would probably be a good time to start booking those air tickets.

Source: Nokia

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