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Could Nokia be preparing to launch a Windows 8-powered laptop?

A Nokia phablet and tablet are pretty much confirmed to be launching before the end of this eventful year, but could the Finnish company be working on a laptop as well?


Earlier today, Nokia reminded everyone about its upcoming Abu Dhabi event on the Nokia Conversations site, with an image showing a phone, tablet (presumably the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520), and a laptop, with the text “Watch the action on your screen of choice.” Now, it’s possible Nokia is simply telling us that the event will be viewable on different device types, but it has stirred up some commotion in the world of speculation nonetheless.

The last Nokia-made laptop was the Booklet back in 2009, but its expensive price tag and limited production meant it didn’t become too popular with the masses. Now, in 2013, when laptop and desktop computers are seeing their sales being gobbled up by tablets and smartphones, it doesn’t really make sense for Nokia to try their hands on a laptop, not when they’re already finding it hard to bring in profits and make a dent in the smartphone market.

The Nokia Booklet
The Nokia Booklet

But then again, companies have been known to do stupider things than this, so we’ll just have to act surprised and cheer Nokia if they do announce a new laptop along with six new mobile devices at the October 22nd event. Maybe it will help Nokia reclaim a bit of limelight that Apple’s supposed iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 announcement on the same day is sure to take away.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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