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Nokia Normandy’s death has been ‘greatly exaggerated’. Say what now?

The interwebs went bonkers when the first rumors of a Nokia-made Android-powered device emerged, then calmed down all of a sudden as word of a predictable cancelation came, but the Normandy saga is far from over, as the launch may still be on.

Nokia Normandy

A cryptic tweet from notorious industry insider @evleaks seems to suggest the low-end Nokia Normandy is in development and doing fine, albeit it’s not out of the question we’re looking at a storm in a teacup.

After all, @evleaks says “the reports of Normandy’s death have been greatly exaggerated”, not “the Normandy is very much real and incoming”. Besides, knowing the tipster’s track record and typical jargon, the ambiguity of this latest tweet can’t be random.

Bottom line, either he himself is not sure of Nokia’s Normandy plans and is being playful and deceiving at a time very little is going on in the mobile industry, or the vagueness is caused by the Finns hesitating to pull the Android plug.

Nokia Normandy-2

The latter sounds more plausible, as Nokia is probably aware of its tremendous Android opportunities while extremely conscious of the unavoidable responsibilities to longstanding partners and most likely future supervisors Microsoft.

There’s also a third, less believable hypothesis, according to which the Normandy was never meant to become reality, working as a mere distraction from grander Nokia Windows schemes. Or maybe the little colorful thing doesn’t run Android after all, and is bound to blur the lines between Lumia and Asha handhelds.

In any case, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the “project” and inform you of any and all developments as soon as they come to light. For now, rumor has it the Normandy is a fairly modest, low-cost 4-incher with optional dual SIM capabilities, a heavily forked version of Android out the box and no access to Google Play. Talk about much ado about nothing, eh?

Source: Twitter

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