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Nokia Normandy Android prototype makes an appearance in live photos

The plot surrounding Nokia’s Android phone continues to thicken, with the latest leak offering a look at the actual device and a part of its interface. 


We’ve seen press images of the Nokia Normandy several times in the last month, and new images posted to Chinese site Sina Weibo show off the actual device for the first time. The first image shows the Normandy showing the Nokia boot logo, with the phone covered by a protective case. The second image was posted a bit later, and reveals the handset in its entirety; the software interface is quite a departure from the custom skins found on other Android devices, and the presence of a single capacitive button suggests Nokia has made enough tweaks to the way a user would navigate through the UI.

The Normandy recently appeared in a benchmark as the Nokia A110, sporting a FWVGA display, Snapdragon SoC and Android 4.4 KitKat, hinting at the fact that Nokia is actively testing the handset. Whether it gets launched in the market or ends its life as a prototype is something that will depend on whether Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services arm division goes through. Microsoft has already received approval for the acquisition from various regulatory bodies and Nokia’s shareholders, so it’s likely the Finnish manufacturer’s Android project will be halted in its tracks sooner or later without ever seeing the light of day.


Source: Sina Weibo [2]

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