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Nokia, Motorola, HTC and… McDonald’s (?!?) join hands to mock Apple’s iPhone 5C/5S

It’s become a sort of tradition for Apple’s competitors to try to detour media attention away from big iPhone or iPad unveilings through social media and commercials of all kinds. You can call it envy or you can call it solid PR. I like to call it humor.


But it’s probably safe to say that never before have so many big companies, both tech-focused and involved in the restaurant industry (what?), joined their forces to rain on Cupertino’s parade like yesterday. You know, during and following the iPhone 5C and 5S unveilings.

Diversity has been the word of the day describing all these jabs, with a couple of them hitting the mark perfectly, while others… not so much. Among those that have absolutely murdered Apple, my personal favorite is probably Motorola, whose anti-iPhone tweet was as simple as creative and clever.


“Remember that one time you were stoked to give your fingerprints? Us either.” Moto asked its Twitter followers, subsequently linking to one of the hilarious Moto X “Lazy Phone” ads. The reference is clearly to the new fingerprint sensor found inside the “latest-gen” iPhones, which, while cool and neat in theory, opens the door for an array of security issues and woes in reality. Apple, I think you just got pwned.


Meanwhile, Nokia, aided by Microsoft, ambushed the new iPhones on several fronts, landing pretty much every punch, but at the same time trying a little too hard. We get it, gold phones are cheesy, 8 megapixels is less than 41, you invented color and so on and so forth, but try to tone it down next time, okay?


As for HTC, they just came off as uninspired and lacking any shred of creativity or originality, not to mention a little spiteful. And seriously, did anyone get that “2>1.5” reference without doing a little Googling first? Doubt it.


Finally, Denny’s and McDonald’s were by far the most surprising names to join this crashing party, although their digs were some of the more clever and subtle of the day. Plus, they didn’t exactly mock Apple, but rather used some of the attention to promote their own products. Simple, old-fashioned and in style. I like it!

What about you? Which of these stabs do you think came off the funiest and smartest and which reeked of pure desperation?

Source: Phone Arena

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