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Nokia Lumia range to get WP8 Amber update in August

In a new tweet, Nokia Spain revealed that the entire Nokia Lumia range will get updated to the new WP8 Amber OS in August.

Nokia Lumia Amber update

When Nokia launched the Lumia 925, the phone became the first to bear an updated WP8 build. A new tweet by Nokia Spain reveals that the update is headed to the entire Lumia range (not the first generation WP7 Lumias mind you), all of the WP8 phones will receive the update in a little over a month, in August.

In case you’re wondering, the above tweet translates to:

Nokia Lumia WP8 Amber update August

Dubbed ‘Amber’, the update will bring new features to the phones such as a ‘Smart Camera’ lens app, previously exclusive to the Lumia 925. The camera app also brings a host of post-processing options such as Action shot, Motion focus and Object removal. Additionally, Amber update will also enable the dormant FM radio receiver in all the Lumia Smartphones (except the Lumia 620, where the hardware is missing altogether). A “double-tap-to-wake” phone feature will also make its way, but the new lockscreen and the clock would perhaps only be found in Lumia phones with an AMOLED display.

Although a tweet from Nokia Spain’s account isn’t 100% confirmation of the update, we’d like to believe that it will indeed arrive sometime in the next two months. Meanwhile, we await official confirmation on the same from Nokia’s side.

via Nokia HD blog

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