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Nokia Lumia 929 launch may slip to February, Lumia Icon branding nearly confirmed

Less than 24 hours after bringing word of the latest deadline rumored for Nokia Lumia 929’s release and the phone’s surprising final market name – Lumia Icon – new sources weigh in on both the ETA and device branding.


And since it’s not like us to sugarcoat it, we’ll come right out and say it: it’s bad. The timeline part, at least, as Nokia Power User claims to have heard from a “trusted tipster” about another delay. Delay, of course, is a powerful and not very meaningful word in this context, as Nokia and Verizon have never confirmed the handheld’s identity, let alone announce availability.

But all the leakers can’t be wrong, so the Lumia 929 Icon has long been in the making. Yet ultimately it may not come out until late January or, worst, early February. Bottom line, calling the debacle a delaying spectacle might not be literally accurate, however it’s the best way to describe the situation.

How about one more kick in the teeth? If Nokia puts off the launch until February, it’s not entirely out of the question for the Lumia Icon formal intro to go down at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. Why is that bad? Because the tech trade fair kicks off February 24. At which point the Samsung Galaxy S5 may be official, the HTC “M8” likewise, possibly the Sony Xperia Z2 as well.

Nokia Lumia Icon

Frustrated? Pissed at Nokia? I don’t blame you, yet you might want to hold off on TPing the OEM’s Finland HQ. Rumor has it Verizon is at fault for the setbacks, as America’s number one carrier hopes to deal solely with Microsoft when discussing Lumia Icon promotion. Hence, they’re waiting for Redmond’s acquisition to go through, which could happen by February.

Meanwhile, the Lumia Icon name, as far-fetched as it initially sounded, is gaining credence, thanks to a hazy photo tweeted by none other than @evleaks. The pic reveals very little (read: nothing) of importance, but it’s purportedly an accessory card for the 5-incher with the text “for Nokia Lumia Icon” clearly visible. You connect the dots.

Sources: Nokia Power User, Twitter

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