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Nokia Lumia 928 with metal body hits Verizon in May

Nokia’s follow up to the Lumia 920 is rumored to launch in May.  The Lumia 928 as its being called will sport a metal encasing instead of polycarbonate, among some other changes.

The Finnish handset maker knows what it feels like to be at the top, but like many others it began its descent and is now struggling to maintain profitability.  When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8, many knew that Nokia was one of Redmond’s main partners, and the Nokia-Microsoft union gave birth to the Lumia 920.  Although the phone did receive good reviews, many iOS and Android users weren’t inclined to just drop their handsets to hop aboard the Nokia-backed Windows Phone 8 platform.

The rumored Lumia 928, however, may be a sign that Nokia is ready to steal away some users from its competitors because of a deal between itself and Verizon.  With the nation’s largest carrier by its side, Nokia has a chance to impress an even bigger crowd with the Lumia 928’s 4.5-inch display and the futuristic (but also limited) wireless charging capability. 

There probably won’t be any major changes from the Lumia 920 to 928, but the selling point isn’t the raw power of the hardware—it’s the publicity that Verizon offers.  Who knows, maybe Windows Phone 8 has had enough time to collect a decent following, and perhaps the recommendations are rolling in.


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