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Nokia is apparently still “very interested” in tablets

Nokia's executive vice president of smart devices has reminded everybody that the company is still interested in releasing their own tablet, but wasn't willing to share much more than that.

During Nokia’s event in London where the Lumia 925 was announced, the executive vice president of smart devices for Nokia, Jo Harlow, stated that Nokia is very interested in tablets and that they’re still looking at it as a possibility. That’s all the information anyone was able to get out of her, and although it does not come as a surprise, it’s nice to see the manufacturer still has more cards to play in the hardware game.

Mock-up of Nokia tablet
They are in a bit of an interesting position, being Microsoft’s closest partner, which would mean that if they were to release a tablet, it would be in direct competition with the Surface. Of course, it’s doubtful that Microsoft cares at all considering their number one priority is getting Windows 8 in the hands of as many tablet users as possible.
Nokia getting into tablets has actually been rumored for quite some time now. It was only a couple of months ago when CEO Stephen Elop stated that that they were keeping a watchful eye on the tablet market and the introduction of the Surface, in order to learn how and when they should enter the market.
It’s clear that Nokia is taking their time in joining the party, but it sounds like if they are going to do it at all, they’d very much prefer to do it right. Considering all the tablets that came out and then fell by the wayside, it’s hard to blame them for being this cautious.
Source: CNET

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