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Nokia holding “Zoom Reinvented” event on July 11

Nokia is apparently holding event just less than a month from now that will apparently feature something that can zoom. It’s probably camera or phone related, or more likely both combined.


Media outlets have begun receiving invites from Nokia for an event that will take place on July 11 in NYC. The invitation includes the title “Zoom Reinvented” as the only possible hint of what the event could be about. If I were a betting man I’d say that Nokia plans on unveiling their new camera phone the Nokia EOS which has been floating around the rumor mill quite a bit in recent weeks.

For those who need a refresher, the Nokia EOS is a camera phone that sports a 41 megapixel image sensor similar to the one in the original 808 PureView. It also does this in a reportedly thin polycarbonate casing and of course will be packing the windows phone operating system.

That of course is a best case scenario.  It could really be about anything that has a zoom on it so it’s best not to get your hopes up ahead of time. We’ll have to wait a month for the event or for more leaks to know for sure, either way stay tuned.

Via: Engadget

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