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Nokia enters final stages of smartphone comeback preparation

A vast hiring process is still ongoing, previously planned layoffs have been reduced and “new products” are already being tested, according to Reuters.

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Unless you’ve been living under a very remote rock… on Mars, you’re probably aware Nokia is yet to abandon the mobile phone market altogether. And we don’t mean pre-historic handhelds such as the refreshed 105 that Microsoft insists on rolling out a decade too late.

New management of the small Finnish company that resulted from Redmond’s high-profile device acquisition targets a return of the Nokia brand in the smartphone spotlight as soon as a non-compete clause of the $7 billion+ deal expires.

By the end of 2016 therefore, we may see fresh Nokias released and ready to do battle with Microsoft-manufactured Lumias. If Satya Nadella doesn’t throw in the towel by then, that is.

It goes without saying Rajeev Suri & co. are looking to place all their chips on the odds-on Android OS favorite instead of wagering on Windows Phone, aka Windows Mobile, which even Microsoft probably agrees is a losing dark horse.


Software engineers specialized in Android optimization and seasoned testers are clearly high on Nokia’s wish list, though most people currently employed with the slowly recovering outfit need not worry about their job security. Reportedly, around 35 “veterans” will be canned once recruitment wraps up.

But the key to Nokia’s Phoenix story may ultimately reside in the identities, number and service quality of production and sales partners. As sources first revealed, and officials then confirmed, Nokia wants nothing to do with the distribution of its upcoming smartphones, and very little with assembly.

Much like they did with the N1 tablet, they intend to design the handhelds and essentially “rent out” the established brand for use by lesser known OEMs. That considerably diminishes the risks typically associated with such a competitive industry, but also reduces prospective profits. We’ll see how it all goes in a year or so.

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