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Nokia continues makes fun of other manufacturers

I think it’s time to have a little bit of fun. Just like last week, Nokia has released some more memes to make fun of its competitors.


Last week, Nokia released memes that targeted the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung over Galaxy S4 Zoom lens, along with a wide range of products and their cameras that do not perform very well in low-light conditions. Today, they have released yet a number of memes to make fun of other smartphones, specifically their Android competitors.

Maybe, the aim of the company was to make people laugh but they were also trying to get the point across that Samsung Galaxy S4 may not the device worth buying due to its bulky size. And I must say I have to agree with it. You can check out the complete list of memes here.

Check out some of the memes below:

On a serious note, I think rather than making a mockery of other manufacturers, the Finns should devote their energies on making a Windows Phone 8 device that can give some real competition to Apple and other smartphone manufacturers. No doubt, its gaining popularity with the Lumia devices but it is still nowhere near to the place where Apple and Samsung are right now.

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