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Nokia Asha 501 pictures revealed

It is rumored that Nokia plans to launch the new Asha 501 during a press event tomorrow, and now, some pictures have surfaced of the new phone.

Nokia has sent out press invites for an event tomorrow, May 9. Speculation has been that the event has to do with the launch of new phones in the Asha lineup; especially since the press invites were sent from the team that looks after the Asha phones. As if to confirm the rumors even further, an image of the new model has leaked onto the internet:

The phone is friggin tiny


According to rumors so far, the new Asha 501 is to have a design similar to the Lumia series, with a slightly larger screen than the Asha 311’s 3-inch touch screen. The image however, suggests quite a small screen. It is also believed to have a 1 GHz processor on boards. Nokia has emphasized that the new model is made to strengthen Nokia’s market hold. Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop has said "We have to make sure the product portfolio is as competitive as possible. We are due for a significant refresh."

Source: @evleaks

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