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Nokia: Adopting Android Is Like Finnish Boys Peeing In Pants For Warmth


The Android platform has gain quite a huge marketshare that there was a period it overtook Apple, as according to some analyst groups. But not all smartphone manufacturers are placing their bet on the Google platform. According to Financial Times (FT.com), a Nokia executive was quoted as saying adopting Android are like Finnish boys peeing in their pants for warmth in winter.

Nokia is on a roll these days, with the launch of their new mobile phones. When asked if the company would consider putting Android on their phones, Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president and general manager of mobile solutions, says that adopting Android is like Finnish boys peeing in their pants for warmth; the relief is only temporary. (On a side note, it is a little disturbing to hear this, but hey, we don't know about the Finnish culture over here, perhaps it is a common practice for all we know).

According to a Gartner report on worldwide marketshare for smartphones in August, Symbian leads at 41.2%, followed by RIM at 18.2 and Android overtook Apple at 17.2% marketshare; Android is definitely growing stronger.

But to the company whose CEO was recently replaced, it will not consider Android to be put into their phones. Maybe the maker is confident that its Symbian and Meego platform will do well in the market.

Source: Financial Times

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