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No More Burns? Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus Steam Iron Review

Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus Steam Iron











  • No burns
  • No fussing with controls
  • Lightweight
  • Good steam penetration


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

I absolutely hate ironing – a chore that requires too much focus, care and precaution. I’ve frankly lost count of the times I had damaged a perfectly beautiful top after seconds of looking away, and my toasted ironing board bears testament to all the unpleasant memories amassed over the years. Woes like that always cause me to think twice when wanting to purchase apparel I know will require heavy duty ironing.

You could probably imagine my surprise when Philips Singapore launched their latest no-burn iron in celebration of National Day. Touted as a product dedicated to comfort and convenience, the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus (GC8962/46) features its patented OptimalTEMP technology that guarantees no burns on all ironable fabrics. This unprecedented innovation is proudly Singaporean and was first developed by the Philips Garment Care Singapore team.

First Impressions of the Philips Perfect Care Expert Plus

The Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus was rather large and bulky for an iron, similar to its predecessors such as the PerfectCare Aqua Pro and PerfectCare Elite Plus. The device has two bits – the lightweight iron itself (secured by a safety lock at the tip of the ironing plate), as well as a base compartment that houses a detachable water tank.

The product came in a pleasant rose-gold theme, with complementary deep violets and off-whites. It looked great.

Plenty of gadgetry in an ample package. Image: Philips

Unlike many irons that automatically switch on after being plugged in, the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus has a power on button at the rear of its base compartment, which promptly switches on the whole device with a single press. That makes plenty of sense from a safety standpoint since you can now conveniently turn off the iron without having to fish around for the mains.

Blue lights will then appear around the button and iron handle to indicate power is on. A rough 2 minute wait is needed for the iron to be preheated.

The button to release steam is located at the bottom of the handle, similar to that of most other irons. Indentations on the iron handle help to provide a more secure grip. The iron itself was extremely lightweight, which eased up the ironing process especially when I had a full load of laundry to iron.

Breakthrough OptimalTEMP Technology guarantees no burns

Unlike most other irons, the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus has absolutely no control dials or buttons on it. This is attributed to their breakthrough OptimalTEMP technology, an industry-leading innovation by Philips which utilises a Smart Control Processor to heat steam to an optimal temperature to iron any fabric, while simultaneously guaranteeing no burns. This was a great convenience for users like myself since I now did not need to pre-sort my laundry nor fiddle with dial settings throughout the ordeal.

To put it to the test I consecutively ironed a cotton shirt, followed by a (very thick) denim jacket and a white chiffon top. All three pieces were ironed to perfection, though I can’t take all the credit. I finished the job without the need to adjust any settings, and sped through this ironing routine in less than five minutes! 

The lightweight form of the PerfectCare was perfect for tricky garments. Image: Wong Xin En

I intentionally left the soleplate face-down on all three fabric types for a prolonged period to test out the No Burn feature – no burns (or even browning) whatsoever! This safely averts potential ironing mishaps and comes as a great relief especially for forgetful people like myself. As an added form of assurance, the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus also has an auto shut-off function which eliminates any concerns over fire hazards at home.

Pressurised steam generator iron that lives up to its name

One of the most annoying setbacks in an ironing routine would be having to repeatedly iron back and forth just to smoothen a particularly creased spot. This might be due to the nature and thickness of certain fabrics, or the lack of steam pressure generated in a normal steam iron. The PerfectCare Expert Plus pressurised steam iron resolves all of these woes, going above and beyond.

Typically, a good pressurised steam iron should usually have a maximum pressure that ranges from 6-6.5 bar. The higher pressure generated by the iron enables the steam to deeply penetrate fibres and smooth creases. The Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus has a maximum of 7.5 bar pressure, which allows even the toughest creases to be smoothened out in one single glide.

Plenty of steam. Image: Philips

It also has a steam rate of up to 120g/min with a 520g steam boost, ensuring a fair amount of steam with each release. I tried it out with my (very thick) denim jacket and completed the entire piece in a jiffy, without having to glide back and forth.

Form factor and usage

Apart from living up to all it has promised, usage was also enhanced thanks to Philips’ SteamGlide Advanced soleplate, an all in one solution that provides a very efficient ironing experience. Despite the alternating fabric, gliding was mostly hassle-free and very smooth. With its numerous vents well-spread along the soleplate, steam was uniformly distributed on every section of fabric. It also sported a well-designed button notch which allowed me to reach every nook and cranny of my clothing.

It is also noteworthy that the soleplate is made of a stainless-steel base (twice as hard as a regular aluminium base) and Philips’ patented 6-layer coating with advanced titanium layer makes it very scratch resistant – making the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus a good fit for heavy duty ironing routines.

The advanced stainless steel soleplate. Image: Philips

On top of that, the silencing steam filter ensures a silent and non-disruptive ironing experience despite the huge amount of steam generated. Products that make a lot of noise can sometimes be irritating after prolonged periods, but no such issues surfaced as I was able to watch Netflix and even talk on the phone without the distraction of the iron.

The only gripe I had was that it was sometimes difficult to control the amount of steam that releases from the vents. The occasional steam boost (which I somehow could not control) would startle me and proved slightly dangerous especially when my hands were in line with the hot steam’s upward trajectory. However, such cases were occasional and my ironing experience was, for the most part, very pleasant.

Bet you didn’t think of limescale! The Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus takes care of this with its Easy De-Calc cleaning system continuously collects lime scale and has an indicator light to alert users when it requires emptying. The 1.8L transparent easy fill detachable water tank also allows users 2 hours of continuous usage and alerts the user through its indicator light when it requires refilling.

Should I get the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus?

The Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus definitely lives up to expectations and proves itself as a true solution to common ironing concerns and problems faced by people. Apart from guaranteeing zero burns, the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus provides comfort and convenience alike with its very good form factor and commitment to minor details – providing a well designed and efficient product that perfects the ironing experience.

It comes at a cost, however. Literally: at an MSRP of SGD 599, Philips doesn’t make any claims about its affordability. However, if you’ve got the pockets for it, and the eye for the very capable tech it sports, the PerfectCare Expert Plus GC8962/46 currently retails at a discounted price of SGD 499, with a free laundry bag thrown in.

It is available at the Philips e-store, leading electronics stores, major department stores and selected authorized dealers at present.

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