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No apps for Windows 8 users says Google

There's no getting around: Windows 8 is having a really hard time finding love in the tech world. Adding insult to injury, now Google has given Microsoft's latest OS the thumbs down, and is in no hurry to develop apps like Gmail for Windows 8.

Microsoft is doing whatever it can to bring developers into the world of its Windows 8 platform but it would seem that one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and a major competitor, is giving the new operating system a big thumbs down.

Google let it be known today that they have no intention of developing any apps for the Windows 8 platform claiming that there isn't enough interest in the platform from consumer to warrant them devoting any developer time to bring things like a Gmail app to windows 8.

While that might change at some point in the future, the impression being given is not to hold your breath as Google's product management director for Google Apps, Clay Bavor, said recently that the company is "very careful" when it comes to where they invest their time, energy, and resources. Google will go where the users are said Bavor, but for now Google doesn't believe that consumers aren't falling all over themselves to buy into the Windows 8 Phone or Windows 8 OS.

All I can say as both a Windows 8 Phone (Nokia 920) and windows 8 OS user is – this sucks and is just plain stupid. One has to wonder if it is more about platform competition as Google has a lot invested in the Android and Chrome OS platforms.  In the end though, it's the users that are getting screwed – thanks Google.

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