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No Android 5.1 update for HTC One M7? Not so fast

The two-year-old’s software support halt could be reconsidered, following indignation from abandoned One M7 owners.

Android 5.1

Android 5.1 Lollipop is certainly not a big deal, but with a fair share of bugs plaguing the user experience on most devices running 5.0, it’s understandable why everyone wants a piece of the fresher pie. Yes, even folks who should consider themselves lucky they got an early taste of original L goodies.

We’re looking at you, 2013 HTC One proprietors, treated with the same respect as those on 2014 models initially, then left in the lurch, according to VP of Product Management Mo Versi. Now, granted, there’s a reason 5.1 may not be headed your way, and it has to do with the 4.7 incher’s advanced age.

Technically, Google dispatched source code for the latest OS build after the M7 turned two and entered the end-of-life phase. Bottom line, HTC was covered by an otherwise sensible policy that was clearly spelled out beforehand.

HTC One M7 Lollipop

Only rules are generally made to be broken, and HTC might have been persuaded to bend one. In response to outcries, protests and petitions for goodwill, Mo Versi again took to Twitter to leave room for hope.

“I heard you all on M7 5.1 for Carrier versions” he tweeted, stressing he “understands everyone’s concerns” and suggesting they will be addressed after all. He also wanted to make it clear “many of the fixes are already in our current SW”, so in other words, M7’s skinned 5.0 firmware is extremely similar to Google’s stock 5.1. Ergo, if 5.1 does reach the M7, it’s really not going to be a big deal.

It’s not out of the question a non-5.1 maintenance update will ultimately go out to the erstwhile flagship, bundling fixes for every known 5.0 stability issue, but possibly snubbing add-ons like “Device Protection”. Either way, you’re not forgotten yet, HTC One M7 owners.

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