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Nintendo will make Super Mario available on smartphones


Nintendo is bringing Mario to smartphones with the help of DeNA.

Many have wondered whether or not Nintendo will ever bring Mario to platforms other than its own proprietary hardware and software, but now we have our answer.  The Japanese video game maker announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Japan-based DeNA Co. to port over classic Mario games to the smartphone.

The first in line to grace our smartphones will be Super Mario, which got into the hands of tots young and old nearly 30 years ago.  Nintendo believes that DeNA’s expertise in mobile gaming can help launch Mario and his pals into a new era of gaming.

The evolving digital landscape is having a major impact on the gaming business, and even Nintendo knows that it cannot compete if it doesn’t throw in its bid to share the screens of smartphones worldwide.

We’re not quite sure of the exact details regarding Mario coming to smartphones, but Nintendo execs are promising that we’ll get more info by early next year.  Our guess is that the partnership puts heavy emphasis on cloud gaming.  Meaning, people that want to play Super Mario on their smartphone or tablet will have to install and/or subscribe to a Nintendo platform.  For all we know, Mario won’t exactly be jumping around Google’s Play store or Apple’s App Store.

The announcement today also teased gamers with the so-called ‘next-gen’ console called ‘NX’.

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