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Nintendo to release Monster Hunter 4 and Ace Attorney 5 via Nintendo Direct

In a change of marketing direction, Nintendo announced two of their biggest franchises will be released on Nintendo Direct. No Objections here!

Nintendo Direct has slowly turning into the DLC dream that no one saw coming from everyone's oldest console war ally. Nintendo just announced via their official Japanese website that two of their biggest franchises, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter, will continue via Nintendo Direct. The upcoming sequels Monster Hunter 4 and Ace Attorney 5 will be released via Nintendo Direct in the near future. The former has no major release date yet, but the Phoenix Wright sequel already has a Japanese release date for July 25th in Japan with a release later in the year for North America. Both games will be released for the 3DS, and will hopefully be big moneymakers internationally for Nintendo.

Nintendo has already announced  that it will not be releasing a physical version of the new Phoenix game which has already been subtitled Dual Destinies for English regions this could be due to recent tensions between Western gamers and major Japanese game developers. In recent years, major Nintendo releases have often required large-scale international campaigns for an official release, but through digital distribution the games could be streamlined directly to the fans and all the translations would be done in-house or even decentralised.

Both games are 3DS exclusives and will possibly be available to play during E3 later this year. Another odd move from Nintendo was announced earlier this month when Nintendo declared they would not appear during E3 but would be livestreaming their keynote directly to both consumers and stakeholders. Capcom has not announced any release date for Monster Hunter 4 yet, but there is a tentative release date for later this year, during the summer. The last iteration of the series, Monster Hunter Tri, was released earlier this year (last year in Japan) for the 3DS, under the name Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate. With E3 on the horizon, we could see a release date and possibly bigger announcements from both Capcom and Nintendo, considering the scale of this announcement.


via Polygon

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