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Nintendo reveals Wii U games at E3

Nintendo has unveiled 23 game titles for its upcoming next-generation console, the Wii U, at this year's E3 gaming event, promising to “revolutionise your living room.”

Nintendo has unveiled 23 game titles for its upcoming next-generation console, the Wii U, at this year's E3 gaming event, promising to “revolutionise your living room.”

The new gamepad is the major feature of the Wii U and it will feature trigger buttons, shoulder buttons, an infrared receiver, which removes the need for wires, an accelerometer, built-in rumble, camera and microphone, and speakers. The Wii U will also support two of these, with dual gamepad experiences coming in the future. Nintendo is promising that this will lead to “new disruption” via “asymmetric gameplay.”
The iconic game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, responsible for most of Nintendo's successful franchises, revealed that Pikmin 3 will be coming to the Wii U, complete with more detailed Pikmin, thanks to the improved resolution of the hardware, Rock Pikmin that can break hard objects and can be aimed at specific targets, a challenge mode, and map and gameplay options via the new touchscreen gamepad.
A new Nintendo console would be nothing with Mario, and so we can expect New Super Mario Bros U, which will feature the typical side-scrolling platform action, but the addition of new gameplay elements, including a boost mode for racing through levels with friends. 
Batman: Arkham City is coming to the Wii U in the new Armored Edition, where players can enjoy the Wham!, Crash! and Kapow! of the Caped Crusader with the use of the new controller for accessing Batman's utility belt and guiding weapons like the baterang to their destination. From watching the demo it is clear that this will be a useful feature in the game.
ZombiU lets gamers participate in the zombie apocalypse inside their living rooms, making substantial use of the new controller. Players can use it as a scanner, to make sniper shots, to hack doors, and even to create a zombified version of themselves via the built-in camera. The audience responded extremely well to this one and we expect it will be a major attraction for the Wii U on launch.
Music and fitness are two big genres since the launch of the Wii and Kinect, and these will continue to be a focus with the Wii U. 
The balance board makes a return after a whopping 43 million copies of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus were sold. Wii Fit U continues the same gameplay, but adds new features, with a fitness meter that can upload calories burned on a daily run, and off-TV play where content is shown on the Wii U controller screen. Exercise has never seemed so exciting. “My body is ready.”
Just Dance 4 is on the way, with new songs and dances, but the Wii U gamepad will let one player adjust the gameplay live, keeping dancers on their toes in ways that even Michael Jackson might have struggled with.
For those who prefer to sing, the working title of Sing might be suitable. Instead of facing the screen players can face their friends and use the Wii U controller to display lyrics, a rather clever use of the dual-screen capability.
Other games on the horizon include Scribblenauts Unlimited, Mass Effect 3, Tank Tank Tank, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2: Director's Cut, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Lego City, Assassin's Creed 3, Rabbids Land, Rayman Legend, Your Shape, Sports Connection, and The Avengers.
The Miiverse is Nintendo's new social gaming network, which players will experience once the console is powered up. Miis will wander about and congregate, and players can communicate via their Miis with speech bubbles, which will display text and handwritten notes and images, like Swapnote. Players will also be able to share screen captures of games, share recent activity and scores, and display facial expressions to represent their current mood. This feature will eventually roll out to the 3DS, PC, smartphones and tablets, connecting Nintendo players across all platforms.
The Wii had Wii Sports, but the Wii U has Nintendo Land, a themepark style game that features 12 attractions or minigames that make use of the studio's iconic characters. Some of these include Legend of Zelda Battlequest, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, Donkey Kong Crash Course, Takemaru's Ninja Castle, and an Animal Crossing game. We can likely expect Mario and other Nintendo classics to be there also. Nintendo promises that players need to give this a go in person to really see what Wii U has to offer. It will release with the Wii U, likely as a bundle.
Some may have their doubts about the Wii U, but clearly Nintendo is pulling out all the stops and could change the way we play games, just as it did with the original Wii half a decade ago. The initial reveals look very promising and we expect to see further unique uses of the Wii U controller to surface in the future.

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