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Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony saw surges in game console sales during Black Friday

Bargain hunters tend to wait for specific dates to stock up on gears, and Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S.) is notorious for its onslaught of tech-hungry shoppers.  Black Friday this year, like previous years, saw good sale figures for a lot of gaming consoles.  Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all benefitted from the hoard of holiday shoppers and bargain hunters.

First off is Microsoft, which sold approximately 750,000 Xbox 360 consoles.  Recent console exclusive title releases such Halo 4 may have had something to do with the impressive sales figure—and evidently, 343i's take on Halo also helped the surge in Xbox LIVE subscriptions.  Impressive as it may be, that Microsoft sold 750K units of the Xbox 360, it is worth noting that last year’s Black Friday sale of Xboxes is actually higher—almost 250,000 more in 2011.

Sony had two consoles on the market that sold well during the Black Friday frenzy stretch.  According to Sony, 525,000 PlayStation 3 were sold from Nov. 18th to Nov. 24th.  The handheld Vita didn’t do too shabby either, as 160,000 units landed in the hands of gamers who wanted satisfy their habits on the go.  The Japanese-tech giant has been struggling recently—with a record $6.4bn in losses for the 2012 fiscal year—and is trying to restructure through projected cuts in operating costs, and pink slips to about 6% of its workforce (around 10,000 people).

Nintendo’s primary market is gaming, so Black Friday was generous to the Japanese console powerhouse.  The latest console from Nintendo sold 400,000 units—albeit, it is being sold at below manufacturing costs.  The Wii, if you want to consider it defunct, sold an impressive 300,000 units.  Its smaller counterpart, the Wii Mini, was only recently announced and will launch in Canada on December 7th—Canada will serve as a ‘test’ market for the network-less miniaturized Wii.

Two of Nintendo’s handheld, the DS and 3DS raked in 525,000 sales combined (DS with 275,000 and 3DS with 250,000).  In this particular niche, Nintendo has been dominating the rivaling PS Vita handheld console.

This is just a total guess, but a lot of the consoles purchased on or around Black Friday probably won’t see the spark of an electrical outlet until Christmas morning.

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