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There is a constant stream of developments in VR coming in on a daily basis. It would seem then that every company that deals in entertainment would be on board with developing Virtual Reality content. However, there are some noticeable absences from rather large entertainment names. Overall however, the rush to create content for VR headsets is starting to pick up the pace even further.

The VR shadows of the past

Bitter Memories? source: extremetech.com
Bitter Memories? source: extremetech.com

In an interview with Bloomberg, President for Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime explains that Nintendo is not too keen to jump into VR. “For us, it has to be at a point where it can be mainstream,” he explains. “then it takes content-creating companies like us to make things that the consumer wants to experience.” The bottom line from this is that for the time being, Nintendo is far more interested in the possibilities of AR content. With the unrivalled success of Pokemon Go, this seems to be a winning strategy for the company.

source: playstation.com
source: playstation.com

The VR bug spreads

This is a bit awkward.... source: theverge.com
This is a bit awkward…. source: theverge.com

However, whilst Nintendo remains recalcitrant about the potential of virtual reality, the same cannot be said of other. The Nikkei Asian Review has recently chronicled a huge number of Japanese entertainment companies who are actively looking to make the most of the new technology. Capcom for example has already showcased the next entrant in the Resident Evil franchise in VR at E3 last month. In total, Sony says that 231 companies are developing VR content for their Playstation VR. 26 of these are from Asian countries that are not Japan.

a future VR theme park in the US. source: droidpirate.com
a future VR theme park in the US. source: droidpirate.com

Outside of the gaming industry, Bandai Namco has already opened a mini-theme park in a shopping centre, using HTC Vive headsets. In the same vein, the Nikkei Asian review reports that Sega announced opening a similar VR theme park last June. Unlike the time Nintendo first tried to bring Virtual Reality into entertainment, there is a wide scope of potential for the new technology. Now all that is needed for mass adoption is for the price of Virtual Reality to drop significantly.

source: Nikkei Asian Review

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