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Nintendo announces Wii Mini

Nintendo follows in the custom of re-designing their console with the newly announced Wii Mini. Jump in for specifics and screenshots of the system's new style.

Nintendo's Wii Mini looks like a blast from the past: its geometric design hints at something from the early days of gaming in the 80's. The re-design of the popular console shows that Nintendo is still paying attention to the aging console, despite being overshadowed by it's next-gen brother the Wii U.

As you can see in the picture above, the Open button seems to make the console a top-loader, a change that will be welcome to some and brings back old memories of the GameCube console.

One downside of the Wii Mini, however, is that the system does not support internet capabilities (no WiFi or Ethernet), denying access to Nintendo's eShop:

"With the low price tag comes a few sacrifices.  Most notably, the unit is stripped of its Wi-Fi capabilities, so the Wii Mini cannot connect to the internet and does not support online features in games.  Furthermore, the Wii Mini will not be compatible with Nintendo GameCube game discs, and the GameCube controller ports and memory slots have been removed." — Nintendo Wii Mini product page

Nintendo's newly re-designed Wii Mini will hit shelves on Dec. 7, 2012 and will have a low price point of $99. For more information on the Wii please visit Nintendo's official website.

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