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Nintendo announce updated Wii U console

While the Wii U has struggled to captivate console gamers, perhaps Nintendo’s  updated Wii U console might help the company gain some leverage and maintain stability.

The Wii U has had an uphill battle with consumers and gamers alike. Some have complained that Nintendo is merely continuing their motion controlled gimmick and adding a tablet to it.  Luckily, it seems like Nintendo is tuning into the moans and groans of consumers and are on the cusp of releasing an updated version of their console.

The new “Premium SKU” version of the Wii U console will be released in white and have an internal memory of 32GB. The 32GB was previously only available in black but not any more. Also, Nintendo will launch some new accessories including a Wii Remote with an official rechargeable battery. The updated controllers include a “Fast Charge” dock so you can easily recharge your Wii Remotes within only a few minutes before play. In previous years, most consumers had to purchase 3rd-party hardware to make their Wii-motes rechargeable.



Equipped with a 2550mAh battery pack, the new gamepad will give you up to eight hours of gameplay without needing to charge, and will set you back 3,150 Yen (US$31).

The brand new Premium White will be released in Japan on the 13th of July for 31,500 Yen (US $312) and will include the usual contents of the Premium console., such as stands for the console and for the GamePad, sensorbar, a charging dock for the GamePad, HDMI cable and NintendoLand.

The new rechargeable battery and “Fast Charge” dock will be sold for 4,200 Yen (US$41) or you can get the new batteries for 2,625 Yen (US$26).

Nintendo plans on launching the new accessories and Premium White console in July but has yet to make an official statement on when and if the new products will make it to the West. E3 could possibly say otherwise.

via Nintendo Japan

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